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Vertical Digging System (VDS) – Ingeniously simple, simply ingenious!

Uniquely economical with VDS

  • Greater productivity, improved efficiency: Shorter digging times due to exact vertical digging.
  • Up to 25% material and time savings when excavating.
  • Up to 25% material and time savings when filling.
  • Up to 20% increased stability (against collapse, tilting, sliding) at 15° tilt and full load.
  • Full swing power throughout the entire 360°.
  • Familiar seat position, fatigue-free working conditions.

Dig vertically, save excavation

Risk-free swing for excavators

Vertical and accurate digging on curbs

Precise drilling in hillside situations

Whoever proves manoeuvrability always has an advantage.
The Vertical Digging System (VDS) from Wacker Neuson is in a league of its own.
The intelligent upgrade for Wacker Neuson excavators.

1988 – Wacker Neuson designs and develops the first intelligent solution for efficient excavating on uneven ground conditions: The Vertical Digging System (VDS). Unique to this day and only available at Wacker Neuson.

The sturdy tilting console allows for the variable tilting of the revolving superstructure by 15°. In this way, the operator compensates for gradients of up to 27% at the push of a button. It is used everywhere that different height levels are to be compensated, e.g. when working on slopes or sidewalk edges. And there are plenty of these in everyday excavator operation.

The VDS option is available for the following models: