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Compatec – the reliable compaction control for vibratory plates.

Those who only work occasionally with vibratory plates sometimes have difficulty assessing when the soil is well compacted. Compatec is the ideal feature for avoiding unnecessary passes or even overcompaction and overload. The compaction control allows for a reliable measurement of the relative compaction progress. The display is easily understood at a glance and is conveniently located in the operator's visual range, even while he looks at the soil to be compacted.

Extremely sturdy and reliable

Compatec by Wacker Neuson is the only compaction control on the market where the sensor is attached to the upper mass of the equipment. The advantage: No defect-prone signal line from the sensor to the evaluation unit, since all components are encapsulated in one embedded unit. In addition, it is protected from strong vibrations and stone chipping here. This makes the Compatec by Wacker Neuson extremely reliable.

Learn more about Compatec in our video:

Always in view: Eight LED lamps indicate to the operator the relative compaction progress. If the display does not progress any further, the maximum achievable soil compaction has been achieved. Particularly practical: The LED's adjust to the brightness of the environment so that Compatec even works under strong sunlight.

This is what the compaction control Compatec offers:

  • Function test when switching on
  • Easily detectable compaction display with eight indicator fields
  • Overload indicator in order to avoid over-compaction and to protect the equipment from damage.
  • Adaptation of the light intensity to the ambient light.

Compatec is available for the following machines: