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Our two new vibratory plates series APS and BPS.

Large selection for an optimal compaction performance.

When the asphalt is still hot, things have to move fast. Precisely then you need a reliable vibratory plate that will not let you down. Both of our new series of single direction vibratory plates with front mounted exciters have been developed for this purpose: the electrically driven APS series and the conventionally driven BPS series.

Of course, these plates can also be used for other typical compaction work, such as for example, classic soil compaction.

See the many benefits for yourself:

Many versions available

Electric or gasoline? With or without water tank? A centrifugal force of 10, 11 or 13 kilonewtons? Both series offer a choice of different versions. Our APS and BPS series are therefore suitable for many compaction performance applications!

Easy to guide

Turning and maneuvering by hand are incredibly easy with our new series of plates. This is a clear advantage especially for asphalt compaction, and it creates particularly smooth surfaces – without imprints.

Extremely low hand-arm vibrations (HAV)

Both the APS and the BPS series boast extremely low hand-arm vibrations (HAV) of less than 5 m/s². So the operator can work for a long period of time, and above all, comfortably.

E-plate is maintenance free

The APS series is operated with our powerful lithium ion rechargeable battery. Just one press of a button and the plate starts up – even at low temperatures or at altitudes. In addition to our e-plates, we also offer lots of other zero emission machines and equipment

Easy-to-fill water tank

The water tank and hinged lid are securely mounted to the plates so they cannot be lost. The water sprinkling itself is very efficient, and does not need to be refilled frequently. And when it does, it's so quick – like a pit stop.

Practical accessories available

With the easy-fit wheel set, you can transport the plates quickly and comfortably to the next application. The paving pad device is ideal for vibrating paved surfaces as it protects this fragile subbase very well.

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